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Our Mediterranean Values

plated salmon, soup, and toasted farro

Meal Delivery Service in San Diego Just Got More Colorful

When you eat to live—and not the other way around—colors and flavors come across even more boldly than before. The Mediterranean lifestyle asks you to enjoy every bite you take and to rest in knowing that you are fueling your body while you’re doing it. We are bringing those Mediterranean values to San Diego County.

In San Diego, meal prep helps many of us lead healthy lifestyles. But, all of our different dietary restrictions can bring us apart in a time that we, as humans, are meant to come together—around the dinner table.

Mando brings meals made with fresh, seasonal ingredients to your door for a delicious 7-day-a-week diet.

Ditch the fads, cheat days, and plain, seasonless food. (Sorry, chicken and rice, we are talking about you.) We share the sentiment that it is best to eat proactively, not reactively. This means, our locally-owned meal prep delivery in San Diego is delicious and nutritious.

The benefits of living a Mediterranean lifestyle stretch far beyond enjoyment of decadent foods. This lifestyle has been proven to reduce the risk of mortality due to cardiovascular disease, encourages exploration and physical activity, can reduce blood pressure, and much more.

We know that our San Diego community has diverse dietary restrictions, so we take our tastiest ingredients and turn them into your favorite dishes. From our kitchen to yours.